St. Louis Whirlybirds Club History – Est. 1984


The St. Louis Whirlybirds started sometime in 1984 by Keith Smith – Founding Member (left), Max Hurst – Secretary (right), Shirey Smith – Founding Member (not pictured), and Cam Morrison – Treasurer (not pictured).  Flying Schulter Heli Boys and discovering the difficulty of flying and maintaining the machines they soon got together and decided to form the St. Louis Whirlybirds.  They would fly at parking lots across the St. Louis area and have meetings at local restaurants.  They soon realized the need to have a Heli field of their own and decided to rent a field.  John Shalhoub became the next president (not pictured and length as president not known).

Joe Moriarty became the next president (shown above at the club field).  After serving as president for many years Joe was replaced by Dennis Dielschneider.  Dennis served as president for several years and Joe was elected again as president.  Joe decided to retire as the club president and Troy Von Kloha was elected as the next president.  Today Jeff Young currently holds the office of president of the St. Louis Whirly Birds.

Lou Bohres was an original club member.  Photo taken at Bismarck Airport Missouri circa 1986.  This was a rather large impromptu gathering of Schulter Heli Boys for that time period. The following are pictured with their helicopters in the far right picture: Dave Cosby, Terry Vandiver, Joe Moriarty, Lou Borhes, Ronnie Cox, Rick Renfro, and John Shalhoub.

These photos were taken at Buder Park St. Louis circa 1986.  Terry Vandiver from Farmington MO (left picture) and Dave Cosby from Potosi MO (right picture with Terry) owned jointly Model Aircraft Unlimited which was a helicopter only business until Joe Moriarty bought the remaining stock from them when he started J&J hobbies at his body shop in Fenton.

Another impromptu gathering of Helis in Kansas Illinois at Al Schneider’s House.

Photos courtesy of Joe Moriarty.  Please excuse the mis-spelling of some names.